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آقاي جاهد عزيز سلام ...
من و شما هيچگاه رو در رو هم ديگر را نديده ايم . شما من را در فيلم آقايان پرنده ديده ايد در شبكه 4 انگليس و من نيز شما را در شبكه 4 ايران !! ممنونم از نقدي كه بر فيلم من نوشته بوديد و بايد بگويم بر خلاف جفنگياتي كه در ايران بر روي كتاب مصاحبه تان چاپ شد چقدر از خواندن آن لذت بردم ....
و نقش شما را در مقام مصاحبه كننده آن كتاب مي ستايم . آيا ممكن است شماره تماسي از شما داشته باشم ؟
صميمانه ............. رضا بهرامي

Posted by reza bahrami at December 12, 2005 6:25 AM

Dear Mr Jahed, Salam
First, I enjoyed your short report of the Festival. I was so curious to know what was going to happen in there, since it was impossible to attend it. I am looking forward to read what you have promised on th erest of the events.
Second, I am a PhD student in animation studies in Surrey, UK, and of course with great interest in cinema (both iranian and international) and cinema studies. I am responsible for some weekly screenings in our university and was wondering if there is a way of getting the hold of certain films (specifically Forough Farrokhzad's "khaneh siyah ast") with english subtitles. I have been asked to show an iranian film to my own choice and I really prefer to introduce something not shown normally in Festivals or channel 4. Also my friends and colleagues here are very much fond of seeing this film. Can you please guide me in this?
Thank you so much
You can email me if it is not a trouble.
Fereshteh Shakib

Posted by Fereshteh Shakib at November 11, 2005 11:05 PM
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