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مثل همیشه تازگی در کارهای شما می درخشد.
پایدار باشید.

Posted by خیال تشنه at May 14, 2006 9:08 AM

Dear Mr. Allameh Zadeh

Thank you very much for the beautiful Spanish songs and the information. They motivated me to find some and listen to them. I really enjoyed Niña Pastori’s magnificent voice and the song “Puede Ser”. I could not find a clean English translation of its lyric; however, the Google translator provided some idea about it. I wonder if you know where I can find a better translation.
Thank you again and wish you luck and success in what you do.

Posted by Aram at May 12, 2006 9:03 PM

آقاي علامه زاده عزيز

با تشكر از قسمت كردن اين ترانه هاي زيبا با خوانندگان "از دور بر آتش", شايد بد نباشد از كلاس هاي سينما و آنچه آنجا تدريس مي كنيد هم كمي بگوييد تا ما هم در كلاس شما نشسته باشيم.

شاد زيد
مهر افزون

Posted by pooneh at May 11, 2006 9:05 PM
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